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jeudi 15 février 2018

février 15, 2018

The Benefits of Having a Bed for Your Dog

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     Most people do not appreciate the importance of beds until they spend a night sleeping somewhere uncomfortable. More often than not, we do not view our beds as cherished possessions until we wake up sore and stiff. The same case applies to dogs. Many dog owners do not see the need of getting dog beds, as they do not consider them a necessity. A good dog bed is far from being a luxury accessory for your dog.

      Dogs have become an indispensable part of many families due to their natural sociable nature. The difference between dogs and people is that dogs cannot talk or complain about things like us. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to provide for them. You may be excited to welcome home a puppy from a shelter, but taking care of them is an entirely different story. Dogs have needs too that include good quality food, shelter, and toys. A dog bed is an essential piece of furniture for all dogs. It does not matter the age, size or breed of a dog, every dog needs a comfortable place to rest.
dog beds

Factors to consider when choosing the right bed for your dog:

• The size of your dog.

• Your dog’s age.

• Your budget.

• How your dog sleeps.

• The physical condition of your dog.

     Besides being a comfort utility for your dog, there are other essential benefits you should be aware of. Knowing the benefits will help you make the right decision. A good dog bed has some physical and psychological benefits that include: providing insulation from the floor in extreme weather conditions, providing your dog with a private space and a sense of security, taking care of its bones and joints and minimizing the spread of dirt, hair, and dander among much more. We will discuss them in detail below.
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Here are 5 surprising benefits of dog beds:

1. Privacy and security

Just like you need somewhere private to spend the night after a long day’s work, dogs need their own special place too. Whilst dogs want to be cared for and petted by their masters for most of the day, they also need some time and space alone. An average dog sleeps for about 12 hours and it is only fair to give them a cozy sleeping place that is always accessible to them. A dog bed will give your dog a sense of ownership and belonging. Having their own space to curl up and rest helps dogs feel safe and comfortable. While some people find it adorable to let their dogs sleep in the same bed as them, this robs the dogs of their privacy. Make your dog happy by giving him the simple pleasure of having a bed of their

2. Insulation from adverse weather conditions

Do not let your dog sleep on the floor, especially during the extreme weather conditions. What you probably do not know is that dogs are vulnerable to temperature change. They cannot sustain prolonged hot and cold periods. Sleeping on the floor during winter or summer exposes your furry companion to higher or lower temperatures than what is optimum for them. This can make them to fall sick. Just like you, dogs also need maintenance of an optimum temperature to sleep comfortably. A dog bed will allow air to circulate underneath it. Do not let your dog freeze during winter; a dog bed will provide warmth and extra comfort. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, it may be a good idea to get a temperature-controlling bed. Dog owners living in very cold regions should consider purchasing heated or self-warming dog beds. These beds will create the right temperature that will ensure your dog gets the much-deserved warmth and comfort. There are cooling beds for dog owners living in areas that experience hotter climates.

3. Preserving your furniture by minimizing spread of dirt and dander

Dogs usually shed hair and dander. They have no idea how exquisite or expensive your furniture is. Dogs are known to scratch and chew furnishings. They also lie wherever they feel comfortable when tired of playing. Large breeds are known to drool in their sleep. If left unattended, they can leave behind a trail of dirt, dander and fur which can be a nuisance. A bed will help you reduce such instances by confining the fur, dirt dander to one reduced area in your house. This provides an easy to clean location. All the shedding will be done on one spot giving you a stress free cleaning job. Your dog can shed, scratch or snooze peacefully. You can choose to purchase extra covers to replace them when dirty. Dogs carry a lot of dirt, mud and bacteria from the outdoors. This means that they can quickly leave traces of the dirt behind which makes buying them a bed a hygienic solution.

4. Prevention of injury

Dogs are playful in nature. They love jumping up and down even in high furniture which can be dangerous. Having a bed of their own can be beneficial especially for older dogs and small-sized breeds. A dog bed will reduce instances of getting hip and joint injurious as a result of jumping onto too tall beds and sofas. Injury can be worse for older and larger dogs with brittle bone structure.

5. Improving your dog’s physique

When your dog sleeps on a mat or the floor, they have to adjust to the position and area they lay on. The hard floor or carpet can get really uncomfortable to sleep on, especially when they lie in extended periods. If resting on a cushion-less or uneven surface happens for a long while, it may affect your dog’s postural health. Your dog will also experience erratic and restless sleep that results in irritable tendencies. You will notice a change in your dog’s behavior due to lack of sleep. This also adversely affects your dog’s overall health. Old and overweight dogs are the most affected. This is because they have weak joints, their physique leads to further distress if they lack a comfortable place to sleep on. This is why it is advisable to get your dog a suitable dog bed to help maintain its physique.

How to pick up the right bed for your dog 

Conclusion :

     Dogs have for a long time been considered as man’s best friend. In return for their loyalty, they ask for nothing more than some tender love, attention, and care. Dog beds can be an excellent place to start, consider making them an addition to your dog’s accessories. They come in various shapes, sizes, and models including orthopedic, heated, and fancy luxury beds. The next time you are thinking of something to purchase for your dog, add a dog bed to the list. Choose the right bed for your dog as a Christmas or New Year’s present; you will be surprised how much they will love it!